Bowser's Marital Problems is the 39th video made by Dorkly.


The video begins with Bowser going to his wife's house in a strange clown-like attack copter which both disgusts and infuriates his wife,because Bowser went to a dealership full of death machines and mecha-tanks and the only thing he bought was a flower with a clown face on it.Bowser tries to explain that the copter can be a death machine,but instead shows it's different expressions making it a "happy clown" and a "angry clown".He then shows the copter's useless weaponry such as mechakoopas(to which Bowser claims to be thematically appropriate).Bowser's wife then explains to him how useless flying pirate ships are due to the fact that they only go one direction.Bowser tries to show how roomy the copter is, and that he can fit a whole Princess in it,but it only upsets even more his wife and she says that Bowser looks like a Piranha Plant who's choking on a fugly baby,and Bowser putting Princess Peach(their meal ticket)on a attack vehicle is the stupidest thing she ever heard.Bowser's wife then calls Bowser a moron and says that she's leaving.Bowser asks her if she will take the Koopalings with her,but she says that they(whom she refers as little shits)are his problem now.after she leaves Bowser makes a "sad clown"face expression.The video then ends