It's A Wonderful Extra Life is the 49th video made by Dorkly.


Luigi is tired of being Player 2 every time, and when he wishes that he never existed an angel Koopa Troopa shows Luigi what the Mushroom Kingdom would be like if he was never born.After seeing that Bowser took over the Mushroom Kingdom,Mario is dead(due to the fact he was never saved from Bowser during 1992's Mario Is Missing!)Daisy had married his rival Waluigi and Toad is being humped to death by Boos,Luigi regrets everything he said,and reunites with his friends.They start singing until Luigi asks where Waluigi is.Daisy tells him that Waluigi died of by being choked on a hot pocket which makes Luigi thank the angel Koopa(who is hovering over Waluigi's grave) ending the video.