Some Lakitus bring a box with a wild Yoshi inside with Luigi (the gatekeeper) on top of it to Isla Yoshi (a parody of Isla Nublar). Mario, acting as Robert Muldoon, orders some Toads to put their Fire Flowers on full charge, and orders Luigi to open the gate and set the Yoshi free into the wild. However, when Luigi opens it, the Yoshi shakes the gate, knocking the green plumber off, and attempts to eat him. Despite Mario's best efforts, it succeds in eating Luigi, causing Mario to mourn the loss of his brother. Fortunately, the Yoshi lays an egg with Luigi inside, setting him free. Mario is happy his brother is alive, but Luigi is too traumatized from seeing stomach acid to even speak.


(Some Lakitus bring the Yoshi cage with Luigi on top to Isla Yoshi)

Mario: (to Toads) Alright, I want the Fire Flowers at full charge! (to Luigi) Gatekeeper! Open the gate!

Luigi: (annoyed) I have a name, brother.

(Luigi opens the gate, and the Yoshi inside shakes it around, knocking him off, it then grabs Luigi with it's tongue, with Mario trying to save him)

Luigi: *Screams*

Mario: Shoot her! (Toads shoot the Fire Flowers at the Yoshi), Shoot her!

(The Yoshi eats Luigi)

Mario: NOOOOOO!!

(The wild Yoshi lays an egg containing Luigi, and throws it out of the cage. The egg then breaks, freeing the traumatized green plumber)

Mario: Oh Luigi! Thank God, you're alive! Annnnd by the way, that counted as your coffee break. You're not getting paid to relax in an egg.

Luigi: (Shaking his head traumatized) So... much... stomach acid...