Even season comedians occasionally get bob-omb.


Red koopa: Y'all ever how red koopa troopas, we walk like this:

(mimics Red koopa troopa walking) (audience laughs)

Red koopa: And then, and then, green koopa troopas... Green koopa troopas walk like this.

(mimics green koopa troopa walking and falls off stages) (audience laughs)

Red koopa: (climbs back on stage) (laughs) it's like, damn troopa, don't you fall! YOU AIN'T GOT WINGS!

(Crowd laughs)

Red koopa: Not that it would help. Para troopa's BARELY gettin' themselves off the ground. They just bouncin around and shit, thinkin they're hotter than world 2! How you gonna call them wings when they can't fly?!

(Crowd laughs)

Red koopa: And what about bowser? Let's hear it for him!

(Audience cheers for bowser)

Red koopa: yeah, he looks a little different than us. But you'd better believe our king's a real koopa... Cause he's always getting outsmarted by the plumber! (Laughs)

(Awkward silence)

Red koopa: Y'all ever seen mario hoppin around in that giant boot? Bitch, you ain't supposed to ride shoes!

(Crowd laughs) 

Mario: He got me! He totally got me!