Luigi Wears Red

I wouldn't care if you wore green shirt and white overalls.

Imitation is the sincerest form of douchebaggery.


(the short starts off with Mario running across the screen)

Luigi: (off-screen) Hey bro! Hold up!

(Luigi runs in wearing a red shirt with blue overalls)

Luigi: Alright! Let's-a save-a Peach!

Mario: Sorry, sorry uh. What are you wearing bro?

Luigi: He-Hey! Twinsies! What are the odds-a?

Mario: Pretty good actually considering I wear the same-a thing every day.

Luigi: Really? I haven't-a noticed.

Mario: You haven't noticed!? Red & Blue is totally my thing! (sighs) It's no problem. I'll wait here and you take the warp pipe home and change.

Luigi: Seriously bro? This is-a bothering you? Come on I wouldn't care if you wore-a green shirt and white overalls.

Mario: Uh yeah! Cos' that would like like-a (censor)-a' garbage!

Luigi: (insulted) You think I dress like-a garbage?

Mario: No no no! It looks-a good on-a YOU. I'm-a just worried that people will get us confused.

Luigi: Mario we're two different people!

(A Lakitu flies above Mario & Luigi)

Lakitu: (to Luigi) Hey Mario. Looking good looking cut. (flies off)

Luigi: (grateful) Thank you!

Mario: (annoyed) You didn't even-a correct him!

Luigi: Look I can see that your upset that my clothes are slightly simillar to yours.

Mario: Your hat as an M on it!

Luigi: But no matter what I wear, your still a hero to these people. I can't take-a that away from you.

(A Toad walks up to Luigi)

Toad: (greets Luigi) Hey Mario! (sees Mario) Mario watch out! There's some kind of fat moustached Goomba wearing your clothes! GET HIM!

(a group of Toads walk up to Mario)

Mario: No no you got it all wrong.

(Mario runs off and the Toads chase him)

Luigi: (evily) Yes. Get him.

(Short Ends)


Luigi Wears Red

Luigi Wears Red

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