Music can really take you places. Horrible, unspeakable places


The video starts with Mario in a Toad House, opening the middle box, and getting the Warp Whistle.Mario is excited and starts wondering if he learned how to play Warp Whistles when he was in grade school.Mario starts playing it,but performs such horrible music that he is taken into a apocalyptic,fire-like version of a level.Mario asks a Koopa Troopa (caught on fire)what place is this and gets in response:Welcome to everything is on fire but you can't die World which (according to the Koopa)is horrible. The fire then burns away Mario's mustache,and horrified he tries to play the Warp Whistle again only for his entire costume to get caught on fire by a fire tornado,which spreads more fire around the area.Mario tries to focus and plays the Warp Whistle yet again which causes everything to start raining.Mario thinks the rain will put out the fire,but instead puts a new element to their infinite suffering because the rain is gasoline.The video ends with Mario and the Koopa being burned away to death,but not before Mario says:Mother-a-Fu****.