All it takes is one rogue banana.

Mario Kart Crash is the 24th Dorkly Bits video.

Plot Edit

Yoshi is driving a car while drinking soda until he gets a speed boost and crashes into Koopa Troopa's car. Yoshi parks his car off-road and heads to Koopa Troopa while apologizing to him. Koopa Troopa heads out of the car with his back in pain. Yoshi tells koopa Troopa that the both of them should excangeinformation. Koopa Troopa exchanges information about his back, saying it feels like his vertabraes have been herniated. Koopa Troopa threatens to sue Yoshi and then claims that the more Yoshi talks about his back, the more it hurts it. Yoshi then beats Koopa Troopa to death with a red koopa shell.

Deaths Edit

Koopa Troopa was attacked by Yoshi with a red Koopa shell After they saying ow