Mario Responds To PETA is the 58th video made by's also a reference to how Nintendo was accused of animal cruelty with the release of Super Mario Land for the 3DS


The video starts with Mario appearing on-screen.He tells the viewers that PETA recently accused him of animal cruelty by wearing the skin of a tanooki raccoon.Mario says this isn't true since the tanooki suit is made of synthetic fibers and that he gets it by grabbing a magical leaf.However,as Mario continues his speech, he starts showing signs of animal cruelty by jumping on Monty Moles,crushing and tail-whipping some Rexes,burning Cheep-Cheeps and dropping Yoshi into a lava pit.After hitting a Koopa Troopa multiple times with its own shell,Mario says:"PETA we know you care,and so do we."But,right after he finishes his speech, he kills the Koopa by shooting it with a gun.

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