Mario Skips World 2 is the 18th video made by Dorkly.


The video starts with 2 Koopa Troopas(one green,the other red)and a Pokey Explaining their plan to take Mario down once and for all.They however see a flute tornado in the background.the green Koopa Troopa and the Pokey refuse to believe the flute tornado had Mario in it,but the red Koopa makes them realize that Mario had skipped their level.The trio start complaining,because they had built obstacles and awoke an angry sun for nothing,until the green Koopa says that they don't need him.Apparently the same Koopa says that he was in World 2-1 back in the the first "Mario" and that every time Mario always took the Warp Pipe to World 4-1.The Pokey also joins in,saying that he didn't even want him there because he would have jumped over him anyway.The red Koopa, however says that if he was Mario he would kill all the "guys" in all the Worlds and that he wouldn't leave anyone alive.The trio then start crying and huddle together,because Mario doesn't want to kill them.

In a post-credits scene,the Mushroom King who was turned into a spider starts killing a Toad while the other one is upset that Mario had skipped World 2 and calls him a "fatass".