He's the fastest machine around, not the quickest thinker.


Eggman: Prepare to meet your doom, Sonic! I have created an exact robot replica of you.

Eggman: Meet Metal Sonic!

(Metal Sonic flys in)

Eggman: And, uh... uh, quick warning, maybe slightly buggy. Was a little distracted building it. Girlfriend issues, heh, heh. And before you ask, Yes, I have a real girlfriend, and Nooo, she is not a robot I built which has now gone haywire. A-anyway, see ya!

Metal Sonic: We are perfectly matched, completely identical in everyway, Chronic the Hedgeblog.

Sonic: You'll never defeat... Wait, wait, what? I'm, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

Metal sonic: That is precisely what I said, Lonex the Ledgedog.

(short pause at Sonic staring unamused at Metal sonic)

Metal Sonic: The fastes Mean Bean Machine alive. Favorite food: Colddogs, Rival: Fistman the Red Hedgehog, Goal: Collect all the chaos nachos.

Sonic: Where, where are you getting this information from?

Metal Sonic: Surprising? Hahahahah. I am programmed to think exactly like you, the Blue Barkman.

Sonic: that's not my nickname.

Metal Sonic: The eren blur?

Sonic: Nope.

Metal Sonic: The... racial slur!

Sonic: Really?!

Metal Sonic: Oh, look! It's our best friend and father and secret lover, Trails the Hedgehog!

(Tails flies into scene)

Tails: Wha?! What's goin' on? (Pulls out gun) Which one of you is the real sonic?!

Sonic:  What?! Are you, Are you serious?! I am clearly... the real Sonic!

Metal Sonic: Don't listen to him, trails... it is me, metal.... I mean, flesh Sonic, the normal Sonic, the human Sonic, Sonic the hot farmer

Sonic: Sooo much of that was wrong!

Tails: Don't worry, Sonic... I know the real you.

(Tails shoots Metal Sonic, and the bullet ricochets off him and hits the real Sonic in the head)

Metal Sonic: Way to take out that phony fake-imposter, Whales the Hedgefun.

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