Sheik Crashes Bachelor Party is a Dorkly video. At Mario's bachelor party Link does a lap dance with a whore for someone to witness it.

Plot Edit

At a strip joint called "Girls, Girls, Girls" it's Mario's bachelor party and Luigi, Link, Sheik, and Mega Man are invited. Link decides to have a lap dance with a stripper for Sheik to try and convince him to not as he doesn't listen. While Link insults and cheats on Zelda he has a Lap dance with the stripper for Sheik to beat it up. Sheik reveales that he's Zelda for her to leave as Link tries to apologize. Mario says that Peach would never do what he's doing for it to show a strip joint called "Bros, Bros, Bros" to show Princes Daisy, Birdo, and? Sams at Princess Peache's bachlorette party as Peach is having a lap dance with two male strippers.

Video Edit

Dorkly Bits - Sheik Crashes Bachelor Party

Dorkly Bits - Sheik Crashes Bachelor Party

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